Tempted by God?

September 12, 2021
Main Point: When we are tempted, let us return to the truths of the gospel.1.) The modes of temptations, desires and sins ( vs 13–15 )2.) The heavenly Father giving…

Advantages in a Trial

September 5, 2021
 Main Point: There are advantages for the believer in a trial.Outline:I) The lowly believer is esteemed (9)II) The rich person is estimated (10-11)III) The one endured is ensured (12) 

God is For Us

August 29, 2021
IntroductionHave you ever experienced being abandoned by somebody?1. The situation Noah and his household were in (Genesis 7 & 8)2. God remembered Noah (v. 1)3. Since God in His faithfulness…
I. IntroductionII. God’s mercies made a sinner self-sufficient, but a saint unworthy (14)III. (Main idea)) Blessed are you whom God humbles and purges of pride and self-righteousness to rest completely…

Ask God

August 15, 2021
I) Ask God for wisdom. 5II) Ask God in faith. 6 III) Ask God expectantly to receive. 7-8

The Christian Joy

August 1, 2021
I) Assess the Christian Joy in its entirety (1-2)II) Experience the Christian Joy in trials (3)III) Perfect the Christian Joy lacking in nothing (4)