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Considering the above, I make the assumption that the baker, in the video you referred to in your post, performed “stage 3” in the initial frames (0:00 to 0:11); that is, he had already cut the dough mass into equal portions, and, in those frames, he formed each portion into a round dough ball. Make sure that you knead the dough for enough time at least 10-15 mins. It's all in the fermentation I reckon, and a decent flour. I do have a sourdough culture going, and will be baking with it soon. It is believed to be originated in Khorasan (a Province of Iran). Let sit for a few minutes to proof (foam). Is there an actual, organized artisan bread movement here in the US? Actually, some of the aforementioned ingredients are used as the sauce for barbari-like breads produced in certain regions of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. I am going to post, below, some pictures of barbari-like breads of the aforementioned countries, starting with Afghanistan. (This way, according to Barbari bakers, the dough formation is facilitated. To produce a barbari bread with the aforementioned dimensions, Barbari bakers measure each dough ball (technically known as chāneh in Persian) at about 650 to 700 grams. I will definitely have to try it. A barbari bread artisan at work | © Pontia Fallahi Accompaniments Sweet items such as butter, jam (especially sour cherry, carrot, or quince), clotted cream, and honey pair particularly well with barbari bread, and savory items like feta cheese, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and walnuts go especially well with sangak bread. Besides Barbari, other types of bread found all over Iran include Sangak, Taftoon and Lavash. Thank you. Individuating barbari dough balls after the end of initial fermentation. Reproductions of cultural products are not always immune to mutations. Sort Fields. More and more, I keep encountering barbari recipes in online journals and in cookbooks authored by Western bakers. I would welcome your views on what I produced. The grooves are equivalent to scoring a baguette dough in order to regulate the amount of oven-spring during baking. I've also been trying to gain a little extra height in them at the request of my wife so making them shorter tends to achieve this. The planetary mixers are entirely shunned by the traditional barbari bakers. Let the sauce cool down at room temperature before use. Rather than extend your excellent post here with more and more photos (which really slows down loading times), I have created my first blog with the photos. Barbari is an obsolete Persian term for the Hazara people living in Khorasan, Iran.Barbari bread was first baked by Hazaras and taken to Tehran, becoming popular during the Qajar dynasty.Hazaras are no longer called barbari (i.e. "), the answer is "yes", particularly under precarious circumstances. After I placed the dough on the wooden peel, technically known as pāru, I launched it on the oven floor to bake. The US sanctions in the last two decades have taken heavy toll on the bread industry in Iran. Dough fermentation takes place strictly at room temperature throughout the process for: As you can see, the left-end of the spectrums are not conducive toward production of quality dough. Final fermentation (2nd phase) and dough maturation. Sometimes the opposite may occur, that is, when the dough is excessively extensible. This is my humble attempt at making Naan Barbari, I made these long time ago before this article by Omid hopefully I can improve lol !! The cautionary notes, above, equally apply here. (A rolling pin ought not to be used to stretch a barbari dough as it toughens the dough, ruins its texture, and takes away its ripeness. That's mostly because I've been adapting the method for a domestic oven which of course can't cope with anything of the length of Barbari's shown in your video clips. For the bake session, I employed the following “target formula” (formul-eh hadaf), aka “provisional formula” (formul-eh movaghat), with the aim to utilize the direct method of dough production followed by a two-phase fermentation for about 10+6 hours at room temperature range of 24-26℃ (75-79℉). Therefore, one should not be surprised to encounter barbari breads, both inside and outside of Iran, that may not have much in common with my description of traditional barbari bread. I turn Iran's chicken Shaami Kabab and Barbari bread into a burger. With the Barbari's I believe you're looking for straight long edges but curved ends so perhaps for this a pre-shape with a single letter fold top to bottom would be best. Although I am not a professional barbari baker, I will do my best to answer your questions. However, they may use wooden dough boxes if there is not enough space on workbenches. Here are some interesting pictures of a barbari bakery run by father and son in Tehran, Iran. I would want to make a more finished and consistent version I think (though I appreciate that wouldn't be as traditional). The air bubbles/pockets in the crumb should not be of uniform shape and size; they are of various shapes and sizes distributed throughout the crumb. Using the direct method plus two-phase fermentation (let us assume 10 hours in bulk and 6 hours in balls) at ambient temperature (let us assume 22-25˚C or 72-77˚F), a barbari dough formula may look like this: Alternatively, a barbari dough formula, using a yeasted, high-hydration preferment, may look like this: In passing, let me interject by stating: Experience has taught me that, recipes make breads no more than sermons make saints! The same goes with many barbari-like bakeries in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. The pictures were sourced from an Iranian web page that is no longer available. I'll have a go a making a home version of this as I am sure others will too. The light of fire also enables bakers to see inside the oven. First try on a 50 Rye:50 AP sandwich bread, Red Miso Furikake (Sesame seeds and Nori) Sourdough, Lucy’s Fruit Stupid - Nutella, Peach, Plum and Plantain Pizza and No Fruit Bagels. To them, just as a bad varnish negatively impacts the sound of a fine violin, a bad sauce can likewise ruin a good barbari dough. Next, place the dough in a metal pot and add some boiling water. It’s so quick & easy to make it yourself at home, you just have to try it! Akin to the Neapolitan pizza which transformed into the New York-style pizza in New York in early 1900s, the proto-barbari likewise underwent a transformational process to reach its present form in Iran. Hi Omid, it was fun last year, it will be nice to see every one again. I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts. Within the last 20 years, the use of malted barley flour (about 1%) in barbari dough formula has progressively gained followers among barbari bakers of Iran. If I were a commercial baker and wanted to make these in the UK, my thoughts are that the shaping would need to be different, unless my audience was comprised of Persian oriented customers who are already used to Barbari's. Much faster than Barbaries do in Iran. Thereafter, I added the flour (2200 gr.) In Iran, cheese and barbari are considered gastronomic allies. (See the picture below.). Many professionals have developed their own peculiar ways of preparing the sauce, which they often compare to the varnish used in finishing a violin. To sustain an artisan bakery there needs to be customers able and willing to pay the higher prices for bread baked with care. Content posted by community members is their own. So, only water and flour, that is all if one desires to strictly adhere to the tradition. Bread production on commercial scale is of vital importance in Iran. The dough preparer may even end up using more flour than the targeted amount before reaching the desired dough consistency and strength. How to incorporate the flour into the water. In a small bowl, whisk the yogurt with the water. Preparation of the barbari sauce is a highly debated issue among committed bakers. §3. :^) breadsong. i am very interested in the propane lance firing arrangement for the brick oven if you could elaborate on that would be wonderful, i have long been thinking of a similar arrangement for our WFO  either during high fire danger times or unfavourable wind conditions for the smoke or just to get more use of the said oven. Our Barbari bread is an oval type of flat bread. At this point, the dough should not have a stringy and spongy texture filled with multitude of visible carbon dioxide bubbles, which is symptomatic, as far as barbari dough is concerned, of excessive degree of dough fermentation. The term is ubiquitously heard in the culinary circles in the US. I must point out that the builder of my oven warned me against using the torch for fear of causing damages to the oven. If it is no trouble, please share your results with us here, with pictures. Long time ago, back in early 70s, I traveled to Shiraz as a young boy. Or is one of your other 3 Persian breads more suitable for a sandwich? If the entire flour is placed in the mixer bowl before the water, the subsequent mixing action is more likely to cause friction and, hence, heat in the dough.) 5.0 (2) Read Reviews. and it has worked quite well for me. After about 10 hours of initial fermentation, I took the dough mass out of the mixer bowl and let it rest for 15-20 minutes to relax. Have a great day! I was quite fascinated by the variations in patterns achieved by the differeing finger grooving. Be warned, this bread is addictive! Have a great day, I was delighted to see this bread here, and wanted to reach out to you as a Westerner who loves Iran, and owns a home with my husband in Shiraz. Otherwise start from step 2. But now I think I'll follow your basic recipe. Persian flatbread barbari barbari bread with nigella and white sesame seeds recipe bon appetit healthy persian barbari bread the delicious crescent omid s iranian barbari bread the fresh loaf. The crisp and its chewiness depend on the type of flour we use. Step 2 On a large rimmed baking sheet, stretch and press 1 ball of the dough to a 14-by-5-inch rectangle. Could you please let me know if the toughness is coming from mixing (or maybe overmixing)?I think more mixing more gluten development I get !! I hope there is enough information here to enable you to successfully prepare barbari breads for your family. By the way, barbari along with Iranian/feta cheese and watermelon/cantaloupe is considered a snack in Iran. Dear Mirko, you asked, “Could you please explain what you mean sourdough starter (8%)? (See the picture below.). Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes Recipe. On to Shaami Kebabs! Dough was sticky but not overly so. My first job after retirement is making a tanoor from khake ros and Horse hair :). This bread baked first in Tabriz city , a city one of the Iran . I am sure you enjoy your new job more than the previous one, I will do the same someday. Cautionary Notes: As the sauce cools down, it gradually becomes thicker and stickier. Related Articles. An unreasonably thick layer of sauce negatively affects the formation of the top crust and, to a lesser extent, the crumb below it. Many barbari beginners go through this frustrating experience, which can negatively impact the texture and, hence, the flavor of the final product. Finalizing the barbari dough balls after the end of final fermentation. The flour typically has the following parameters: 50% of the particles of flour are smaller than 125 microns,          30% of the particles of flour are at 125 microns,          18% of the particles of flour are at 180 microns, and           2% of the particles of flour are greater than 475 microns. 5 cups all-purpose flour. Of course, my description is a construal according to my best understanding of the tradition. To have a perfect Barbari bread, you should mix wheat flour, a pinch of salt and sugar, yeast, a little bit of oil, and water for the dough. How much should a barbari dough be mixed? The day before I bake my breads, I preheat my oven by torching the dome—using a fraction of the output of the torch—for about 4 hours or until the inner walls of the oven reach about 800°F. In doing so, the dough should not be scarred or punctured. And, I remember the sangak bakeries there, but I do not recall seeing any barbari bakeries. Aligned together in a straight line, the fingertips of the right and left hands should: Next, following a groove pattern shown in the picture below, the same procedure is repeated until the dough is populated with continuous, parallel grooves. If there's any information you could also share with us about baking this other Iranian bread at home, I'd appreciate it. A few weeks ago, I told my coworker that I was going to try to make it on the weekend. The double diving arms mixers have been gaining popularity among professional barbari bakers. Avoid formation of clumps in the mixture. Greetings! Your expertise in Babari bread is impressive! So far my dough is made and is now staring its 11 hour rest. In addition, the ever-increasing demands for bread, which is an indispensable and substantial part of the daily Iranian diet, have effectuated changes in the overall production of barbari breads. Rest Time2 hrs 15 mins. The cautionary notes, above, equally apply here. I have the same questions that other TFLers have asked. Frankly, I am not even sure what is meant by the term “artisan” as a culinary movement. By “improvement”, I assume, they mean more intense “golden-browning” of the top crust in addition to more “luster”. Using 8% sourdough starter is right up my alley, long rise time and so much crust! Before I do so, allow me to make some prefatory remarks. The orthodox bakers construe these socio-economic changes as imminent threats to the traditionalism of barbari and other types of Iranian breads. Etymology. Of course, if a home baker does not have a wood-fired oven, it does not mean that she or he can’t use a conventional gas/electric oven to bake barbaries. This bread is available in our local grocery stores and I always eat them with my eyes :-)  Thank for for sharing all these amazing photos. (Garlic and roasting sesame! Absolutely was! Thank you for all the incredible detail contained in the post and your comments, as well.I am making some Barbari and have relied heavily on your information for guidance. I find it quite riveting when one can discipline one’s own senses and hands in order to transform raw materials (such as water, flour, salt, and a fermentative agent) into a work of art, in which one can find oneself, define oneself, overcome oneself, recreate oneself. Have you or your husband seen any barbari bakeries there? Hence, Iranians would tell you: if there are no breads on our tables, we still feel unfulfilled after satiating our appetites with other types of foods. Also, I have used strong bread flours, which I found too strong for the purpose of making barbari breads. He has not posted since 2016. On regular basis, I revitalize the culture by discarding a portion thereof, followed by incorporating certain amounts of water and flour to the remaining portion. The earliest archaeological evidence of bread being baked and consumed, goes as far back as 9000 years ago, found in the northern parts of what is now Iran. How much or to what extent the mixture of water and flour should be heated, To what extent or consistency the flour should be gelatinized, and. The left hand should exist. I'd like to ask a couple of question to hopefully unleash a mindful dialogue between us... 1- Have you thought about teaching a class on baking bread (esp barbari)? Bread is an important part of Persian cuisine, as it is in many other foods of the world. Here, dough “ripeness” or “maturation” is indicative, among other things, of an indispensable balance between dough extensibility and elasticity, whereby the dough is capable of being almost effortlessly stretched to a proper length without being unstable, compromised, and deformed. Have a great day! With your right-hand fingers, softly grab and lift an edge somewhere along the length of the dough and quickly insert your left hand, palm up and fingers stretched open, under the dough and position the hand under theleft portion (i.e., between the left bulge and middle) of the dough. Your recipe and instructions were very comprehensive, so hard to go wrong. Mix bread flour, baking powder and salt together. Barbari. This bread is available in our local grocery stores and I always eat them with my eyes :-) Thank for for sharing all these amazing photos. However, because of the governmental regulations and limited supply of firewood, the big-city bakeries of Iran currently use fossil fuel, such as gas, in order to heat up their ovens. Barbari bread of Iran seems to have scanty and highly speculative history; no one seems to know for sure the origin(s) of this bread in Iran. (Why do I smell garlic?) Maybe consider cutting some out? After I stretched and positioned the barbari dough balls on the wooden peel, I launched them on the oven floor one after another to bake. By Andy Baraghan i. February 14, 2017. I do not know how practical it may prove to be in your oven. 1 tbsp. Hence, do not let the consistency of the sauce, before cooling down, trick you into thinking that you have reached the final consistency. The traditional barbari oven is specialized for baking barbari breads. salt. Tweet. Bring the remainder of water (320 grams) to the boiling point and lower the heat to simmer. When making dough balls, large carbon dioxide bubbles should not emerge to the surface of the balls. It is important not to use undue force in grooving the dough. I have never tried this, so I do not know what results it may produce. What is the recipe for the sauce that you mention? Notwithstanding, some bakers routinely follow fixed recipes, e.g., 60 grams of flour per liter of water. You may like to add some icy tequila! (See the picture below.) And, baguettes are scored while barbaries are grooved. Alternatively, black caraway seeds (Nigella sativa) or both sesame and black caraway seeds can be used, or no seeds at all. olive oil, plus extra for shaping. For your information, black caraway seeds are also known as “black cumin seeds” in the US. I design Jet Engines but enjoy Bread making more, much more :). Amid, this is an impressive, well researched piece. Combine with a wooden spoon and knead in the bowl for about 3-4 minutes. Your right-hand palm, still under the dough and fingers open, needs to turn counter-clockwise and face down as it slides toward the back of the peel and exits from under the back side of the dough. Therefore, experience is needed. What slightly intrigues me about this Barbari bread is that the base ingredients are the same as any other bread, flour, water, yeast and salt so what is going to make it taste significantly different? The breakfast, in its most basic form, consists of: Basically, some butter and cheese is stuffed in a piece of barbari, which you eat as you drink some tea over it. Yet, this does not mean that barbari bakeries do no pre-shape their doughs. I'm going to print this amazing post! Beautiful Barbari! Traditionally, no other tools other than fingertips should be employed to make the grooves. In my assessment, the psychology of baking is just as important as the act of baking itself. I have never used French T55 flour (which is difficult to find in the US); however, I have used American all-purpose flour with satisfactory results. Leave this to stand - five minutes for fresh yeast and 15 for dried. I am by no means a professional barbari baker, but I will try to make contributions, if the members are interested, as much as time allows and as far as my knowledge can assist me in this matter. Please, note that if a dough ball resists being stretched and keeps springing back more or less to its initial shape, then it has not ripened and, hence, does not have the required rheological attributes. According to this hypothesis, the Hazara migrants, whom the Persians referred to as the “barbars”, began baking the flatbreads in Northern Persia, which Persians eventually named “barbari bread”, the bread of barbarians/foreigners. The Fresh Loaf is not responsible for community member content. §8-5. Accordingly, standing in long bakery lines is part of the daily routines of Iranians. I do not know how experienced you are in making breads, especially when it comes to using sourdough culture. Any ideas here? My supervising baker once remarked, “The alphabet of barbari bread is only four things: flour, water, fermentative agent, and salt. They did ask for you to use a pizza stone and I used cast iron. Oralia Primas January 28, 2017. Mixing the dough ingredients within the context of the direct method. The final consistency of the sauce, after it is cooled down, should not be excessively thick and sticky. The commercial fork mixers in Iran have fork speeds of about 25 to 35 RPM for the purpose of preparing barbari dough. If the latter, i.e., sourdough culture, it should constitute, unlike a preferment, a, “Two-phase dough” (hereinafter referred to as “indirect dough” or “indirect method”) is a process of producing dough by mixing varying number and portions of the ingredients in two separate sessions, which usually involves preparing a preferment (known as. In fact, fork mixer is often referred to as the “barbari mixer” in Iran. of the water. Many thanks for all this Omid. At last, the ambient temperature, flour temperature, water temperature, and relative humidity are usually in a state of flux and have impacts on the formation of dough during mixing. I think I got the taste right and starter does not make any difference, right. Question for you. (The word nān or naan—which simply means “bread” without specifying any particular type of bread in Iran, India, and some other nations—is a Persian word derived from the Old Persian word nagna. It is not fully known how many different types of bread exist throughout the land, but four of them are quite prevalent. The three-step sequence of actions is collectively known as bār kardan. The next day I did eat one cold and broke up on a salad, it was really good. An auspicious degree of starch hydrolysis (whereby the starch molecules are enzymatically reduced to simpler sugar molecules) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of fermentation (whereby the yeast cells anaerobically metabolize the fermentable sugars of dough and generate ethanol, carbon dioxide, organic acids, and other chemical compounds) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of proteolysis (whereby the protein molecules, e.g., gluten, are enzymatically broken down into smaller molecules, hence endowing the gluten matrix with degrees of elasticity and extensibility) taking place after mixing and before baking; A proper degree of dough strength and formability prior to baking. Related Posts. Because of the small size of my wood-fired oven, I am unable to make full size barbari breads. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Knead for 15 mins on a lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic. That will take 1 – 1.5 hours. So, we home-bakers do what we can to get by. Barbari is widely encountered on breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables, particularly in northern Iran. My wife loved this so much she now wants me to make a version that she can take to work for sandwiches. I am a new member here, and this is my very first post. Bread is one of my weaknesses lol. Moreover, by virtue of the fact that one is flat and the other bulky, they bake differently, which impacts the crustal developments and flavors. This is an excellent contribution and I trust (and hope !) It has no cholesterol and is very low in saturated fat and sugar. The crumb should be airy and light, moderately elastic, not doughy or gummy or glossy or translucent, not overly chewy, not bleached in color, subtly sweet and nutty in flavor, moderately or less than moderately sour if sourdough culture is used; not yeasty if baker’s yeast is used, and easily digestible. How to Make Barbari Bread. Bake for 8 to 10 … For preparing the barbari sauce (roomāl), please see section §9 above. And, the salt typically ranges between 1 to 2%, sometimes even up to 2.5% under certain conditions. The documentary, which was titled "Bread and Civilization" is unfortunately no longer available on Youtube. The Barbari's I made look the part but I wonder if someone from the East were to taste them, whether they would deem them "normal" ? Pour the yeast mixture and the rest of the water into the center of the flour and mix to dough. Make a well in the flour, and slowly incorporate the yeast mixture, and then the remaining 1 cup of water. Barbari baked in Traditional oven with indirect fire .In history , this bread used for soldiers . Once the mixture reaches the proper consistency [such as that of a thin gravy], immediately remove the pot from the heat, and take out any remaining dough clumps. Yes, they have barbari breads in Shiraz… but more sangak breads which are cooked on the pebbles. Here is an outline of what is to follow: §8-1. The visual attributes of a baked barbari bread (caused by the sauce and by how the dough is grooved, ribbed, and bulged) are the signature of the bakery that produces it. 3. Hi Omid. Gradually add the water-flour mixture to the simmering water while thoroughly and continuously mixing with a whisk. On the side, I try to bake breads at home as much as time allows me. Prep Time30 mins. Have you ever baked with dry yeast and AK Bread flour, or any regular AP flour? After this is left to relax it flattens easily into a rectangle. After lots of trials and errors, I come up with this recipe which (almost) respects the characteristics of the original bread. An average barbari is about 7 to 8 ounces (200 grams), therefor a whole Barbari has about 700 calories. According to the traditionalists, barbari dough must never undergo cold fermentation. Dissolve the yeast with the sugar in 1/2 c water, let sit a few minutes to proof (foam). So, I used only 2132 grams of the 2200 grams of flour, which made my final dough formula look like this: Notice that the “amounts” of water, salt, and fresh yeast remained unchanged, but their “percentages”, in relation to the weight of flour, changed. I have known home bakers who have been able to procure good results baking barbaries inside their conventional ovens. Below are three methods: According to the guidelines issued by the Institute of Standards (which is a governmental agency of the Republic of Iran in charge of food safety and quality control) the sauce is made by, first, making a slack dough, using water and flour only. The sauce should be prepared about an hour prior to baking your breads. The way I heat up my oven with the torch, for the purpose of baking barbari breads, is as follows. There is something so much more wholesome and satisfying in seeing and reading about the background, national relevance and cultural aspects of a bread instead of simply being presented with a recipe and photo of the finished product. Followed your method with water first then salt then yeast then flour. Yesterday, I had a bake session, trying to improve my skills in effectively shaping barbari dough into a flat rectangular plane with the grooves and bulges. In the old days, it was commonplace for barbari bakers to formulate their doughs to withstand long fermentation time for the sake of better keeping qualities, digestibility, and flavor. Barbari. I have a question, I have baked Barbaries with different recipes+twists and got the taste and appearances and the texture right, or at least think did very good. So, allow me to briefly introduce myself. Overall this was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed greatly and I hope that I done a proper job of it. So, almost everything I relate here is based on what I learned during my internship. It turned out beautifully, as you can see. Then, I shut the chimney hole and put on the two oven doors, positioned before and after the chimney hole. The flour is neither bleached nor bromated. In general, Iranian flours are weaker than their American counterparts; therefore, they have lower “W” factors and, hence, ferment/mature faster. Mix bread flour, baking powder and salt together. Welcome to TFL and thanks for a very informative post that i think a good few members will have a shot at, Including myself.

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