Which Wisdom?

November 7, 2021
I) Worldly wisdom and its fruitsII) Godly wisdom and its fruitsIII) The Goal of Wisdom
Main idea: We must bridle our hearts with the gospel truths to rein in our speech.I) The Open Challenge to the Teacher-Speaker (1-2)II) The Good Potential of Speech (2-5)III) The…

Dead Faith, Living Faith

October 10, 2021
Main idea: We must act and live out what we believe to be certain of the saving faith ofChrist.I) Faith without action is not beneficial (14-18)II) Faith without action is…

Show No Partiality?

October 3, 2021
We must examine our faith that shows partiality and let the gospel resolve our sin.I) Introduction (1) II) The results of showing partiality (2-4) III) The (deeper) reasons not to…

Wisdom on the Go

September 19, 2021
Main Point: You must practice godly wisdom on the go to counter self-deception.Introduction: The wise instructions for practice (19)Instruction 1: Be slow to anger ( vs 20-22 )Instruction 2: Be…

Tempted by God?

September 12, 2021
Main Point: When we are tempted, let us return to the truths of the gospel.1.) The modes of temptations, desires and sins ( vs 13–15 )2.) The heavenly Father giving…

Advantages in a Trial

September 5, 2021
 Main Point: There are advantages for the believer in a trial.Outline:I) The lowly believer is esteemed (9)II) The rich person is estimated (10-11)III) The one endured is ensured (12) 

Ask God

August 15, 2021
I) Ask God for wisdom. 5II) Ask God in faith. 6 III) Ask God expectantly to receive. 7-8