I) Know God through Christ’s Love. (5:11-15) II) Work together through Christ’s reconciliation. (5:16 – 6:2) III) Warm hearts through open hearts. (6:3-11)

Being Transformed

February 20, 2022
Main Point: We are being transformed by the Spirit in ministry and life to reflect the glory of our Lord.I) Turn away from gazing at the fading glory of the…

The Winning Smell

February 6, 2022
The Winning Smell of a Christian will spread from Life to Life.I) The Smell of the Solider. (14)II) The Two Smells on the Street. (15,16)III) The Smell Spreads to the…
Considering God’s promises, we are to resolve conflicts with godliness.I): Approach with Godly sincerity (12-14)II): Square with God’s promises (15-20)III) Work with one another for the joy in Christ. (21-24).
Main idea: God encourages us with what Christ has done and doing through us.I) Introduction (1,2)II) Praise Who God is. (3, 4a)III) Remember What Christ did. (5,6,7, 10)