Considering God’s promises, we are to resolve conflicts with godliness.I): Approach with Godly sincerity (12-14)II): Square with God’s promises (15-20)III) Work with one another for the joy in Christ. (21-24).
Main idea: God encourages us with what Christ has done and doing through us.I) Introduction (1,2)II) Praise Who God is. (3, 4a)III) Remember What Christ did. (5,6,7, 10)
The church is to pray for the sufferer, restore the sinner, and reclaim the wanderer.I. Two things a sufferer should do ( 13,14,15 )II. Two things the elders could do…

Responding to Suffering

December 12, 2021
While we suffer the world’s sin, we must strengthen our hearts.I.We are not to avenge those who made us suffer. ( 1-6 )II.We are to be patient until the coming…
1. The purpose of the covenant (vv.1-7): To highly value human life.2. The promise of the covenant (vv. 8-11).3. The sign of the covenant, a rainbow in the clouds (vv.…

Which Wisdom?

November 7, 2021
I) Worldly wisdom and its fruitsII) Godly wisdom and its fruitsIII) The Goal of Wisdom