Teaching Ministry

The aim of the teaching ministry is to equip God’s people with the Scriptures for every good work so that they may grow in grace and mature unto Christ-likeness to the glory of God. 

The weekly teaching ministry is grouped as follows:

Sunday School

Sunday school classes meet every Lord’s Day after morning worship service. Classes involve singing, instruction in biblical narratives and truths, memorisation of Scripture, and teaching of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The following classes are current:

Youth and Young Adults Bible Class

Youth and Young Adults Bible Class is conducted after morning worship service for the young people. Classes aim at spiritual formation, in which participants study, discuss, and apply the message of the biblical text to their worldview and life.

Adult Bible Class

Adult Bible Class convenes after Sunday morning worship service. It is usually led by the elders and deacons for adults in the church. The class studies and discusses the Creeds and Confessions, Bible book study, as well as recommended books on significant topics of Christian faith and life. 

If you wish to join or assist in any of the classes, contact any of the Elders.

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